October 09, 2005

Studabaker John and the Hawks

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My favorite guitar tone of all time at Scott Street is Studabaker John. Last time he was up it started, this love that I felt for that tone. But now last night was even more.

He played through a SHURE Vocal Master. Which apparently was his PA since 1975. This thing looked like shit. I mean it looked like you took two suitcases apart, and plugged the even uglier board into them and went from there. I mean the board had knobs that turned, not the little sliders. It was ancient. Mitch V and were sitting there looking at it, actually wondering what the hell it was. It was part of the larger SHURE family, but god know. It looked nothing like a mixer or sound board, it looked like god knows.

Anyway, last time John was up her played through two differant Danelectro's. The cool thing is that he plays slide, and harmonica as well. The guy simply was touched by the blues. He brings that cool as singer songwriter thing to it. He did not play one cover or one rip off the whole night. It was amazing.

His tone is old. And warm. Like something that he has had. Like he keeps that old gear around, because he knows that he cannot give up the whole thing. So he keeps rebuilding things, and he knows his gear.

It was warm, and full. Like the great Keith Richards tone, but when Keith was still playing guitar loudly. Not just handing it in.

I gotta poop.

Anyway, Studabaker John may not be my favorite guitar player, but his guitar tone is my favorite.

And now I want to rip on P Diddy. I finally got to run the tape of the VMA's in the back ground while I was cleaning. It was so bad. Who does this dancing asshole think he is? His label has not made a record of note in like ten years.

Who cares?

He is a celebrity for being a celebrity.

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