October 12, 2005


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I just think that the photos are not really homoerotic, but they might be.

You can never really tell.

My left foot hurts. I think I have a wart. I dont know what I want to do about it, but I think it might hurt a little bit too much to ignore.

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"...but they might be".

Let's see,

*Cowboy (think village people) : Interesting bulge in the chaps.

*Gun: Weak man's cock.

*Brad Pitt (gay lust object): Is that a sausage in his hands or his he just happy to see you?

And finally,

Memento screen shot ( look at that chest): Regardless the reason you have a very hostile post with many ["fucking", "fucking asshole", "cocksucker", "underage indo Chinese whore boy"] sexually focused insults.

Yeah, homoerotic.

I'd say repressed homoerotic, but thats just me.

Posted by: Billy Bob at October 13, 2005 12:03 AM
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