October 20, 2005

3 authors

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So I just saw that I now have three authors on my blog thing. What the hell is that?

I gotta poop. Be right back.

Okay that was pretty good. It was a pretty solid turd, good hyradtion led to lubrication, so it came fast, and easy. Sometimes there just like a pain, like I am shitting gravel. it just hurts. A few months ago I had some blood in my poop. STRAIGHT TO THE DOCTOR. No way am I playing around with that at all.

So the doctor asked if I had made any diet changes, and I had to be honest. I had. I had become a vegetarian...one of the best things I have ever done...and then we talked about my annual fasting. And he pretty much saidf that with the colon that I have that the release is a possible irritant. So he figured that was the case.

But we still needed to shove that damn camera up there.

All clear, and wow. The thing is that I know that I have put on the weight, it is not like a quick thing. It came over time. I think it started with the fall of Jackie, and ran into my Dad. And kapow...depression and a couch. and snore...I need exertion.

I blew out my first pair of ear buds that Natas gave me when I bought his ipod. I was so excited about the whole thing, for some reason. He gave me a second pair so I am on to that already. Its pretty cool.

My truck needs serious repairs now. Like 1000 bucks worth. Its going to happen. I want to keep the truck. It means I put the new ibook off for two months. And it means that the down payment on th VW is just a little less.

I am excited about about owning the TDI that Gary Oldman turned me onto. I know that he had like the Wolfsberg Edition, but honestly I want a car I can have paid off in a year, and that Wolfsberg is like an extra ten. I wish I had rode in it. I bet it is amazing.

VW website does not look good at all. The cars on there are not interesting to me in the least. Not at all. For whatever reason the cars that I am seeing are better, the wheels fill the wheelwell a lot better.

You know I love my brother. With everything in me. I really love the guy. He is one of the best people. It just makes me have to stop myself from smiling now even just typing this. Tonight i dropped his truck off at his house, and his door was locked. So I just left the keys, and I started walking away, and he came out of the door in the garage, just standing there in the light of his garage that he and I had built together. I just lept seeing him. It killed me to get in the car with David Lee Roth. But I had to get out of there, he looked disappointed that I was not going to talk to him more. And I can totally understand that. It is just an awesome thing to feel the love of my brother.

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what the hell is that? the power of written words. sometimes people stumble across somthing they can realte to, and voice their opinion.

Posted by: product at October 21, 2005 04:03 AM

Ahh the subtle grace of shit commentary. A masterpiece of bowel introspection.

Posted by: Gary at October 21, 2005 10:13 AM

Your three authors are as follows:

1. You
2. The person who set your blog up so you can use it and didn't have to do all the coding yourself.
3. Pixy Misa who owns this server and allows us all to use it for free to host our blogging community. He's your blogdaddy. :)

Posted by: Joan at October 21, 2005 07:07 PM
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