October 21, 2005

getting crazy

So I am getting a bit nuts. I bought Phat Farm shoes for fridays at work. How insane is that.

Encrytping files on my ipod seems a bit nuts.

But I bought sneakers...I went to Esatbay...and they turned down my check. I know what I have in the bank, and I have the 80 bucks to pay for shoes.

I mean really, what the hell is that about? Have these call in credit things gone so far as to stop cashing checks from people who are buying stuff...I mean why the hell can I not spend my money at Eastbay.

Ahh so what.

My movements have been amazing these past few days.

Is the Apple and ABC deal creating a competition for the affiliates? Did ABC not consult the people?

The screen actors guild wants 3.99 for each download

The studios want to pay out the same way they pay off for DVD sales.

I did another interview today for the Rock for Releif concert. I really tried to avoid this. But I am getting good at the earned media this way. I just gotta spend a little time out of the media a bit.

Is it time for run to office? Or move to the southern states.

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