October 04, 2005


Yeah you want to make definitions...go ahead...

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Is there not a differance there?

It appears I have pissed of an informal group of people who love soldiers. Sorry about that.

Hey I lost a friend in the deal, that hurts more than you not liking my opinion.

If I thought that the internet was filled of one target audience, I would not have asked to be a part of this blogging community.

Condemn...to spit on them, to tell them there bad people, to hold them out for scorn...yeah thats not what I am doing.

Support...or lack there of...yeah thats me. Not condemning. Not even close.

Since I am upset about the actions of a few, then I will talk about actions. No I wont. I am allowed to have my opinion.

I ask a few questions...I haev a consistent problem with the rhetoric, that I need to thank soldiers and the armed forces for the blanket of freedom that I live and sleep under.

Do I?

Has the sovriegnty of America been challenged, other than Pearl Harbor?

Does "stabilizing the region" or "liberating the people of Iraq" or "preventing the spread of Nuclear ARms in North Korea" or "reinforcing democracy in Yugolsavia" done anything to ensure my freedom of speech?

When has my country been at risk?

You military gf's suddenly paying attention to me...what does your lover do to protect america by going to the desert and risk dying for something I dont understand?

Why are the military wives and girlfriends a more vocal anti war group? Why are you not picketing the White House asking our puppet president for his exit strategy?

Why are you not blostering the left, in there cirticism of the government that puts your loved ones in harms way, and for what?

Why are you not ciritcal of government that sent your sons or daughters or lovers or fathers to a place to fight and die for something that has proven to be false? Why are you not more vocal?

Yeah I know you gotta support your loved ones...but what about getting them home?

And just so were totally clear, I dont have a problem with a pilot carpet bombing some Iraqi town because that is what his orders are, or a man shooting man women and children if that is what is threatening his life. If a child comes up to a soldier with a gun in a threatening manner, shoot him.

But were not talking about that are we. Were talking about the dessicration of the dead, and the holy places. Were not talking about killing. Go ahead, your in war, its your job to kill.

But there dead, leave them be.

God I totally have been listening to Corey Brannan all day. I am so thrilled by the chance that he is going to have a new record come out in the next few weeks. I heard he was a prick at sxsw, but who cares. When he pops up on my ipod I am just thrilled.

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It sounds, from your argument that you're more anti-military than anti-soldier. At least I very much hope that's what you're saying. At least that I could understand. The other -- no chance ever.

Posted by: Joan at October 4, 2005 03:00 PM

I had hoped you wouldn't have to lose a friend. My intention from the beginning was to get my frustration out 'on paper', give it some time and let myself calm down. I was trying ever so hard to be nice about all this even though your stance hurt me greatly. Whether you agree with my position or not, you should have valued me as a friend and not pushed the issue so hard as you know how important it is to me. I do that for you all the time even though I don't agree with you. If it's important to you and ultimately of little actual consequence to me, I'll back off. That's what friendship is about. I wish you would have thought enough of me and my love of a soldier to do that for me just this once. But I guess that just wasn't in the cards. And that hurts more than anything you could say about soldiers or war -- that after all these years my friendship was that easily tossed aside just to try to prove a point.

I'm finished commenting. I'll be taking down the link in my post. I won't write about you. I won't make this any more personal that it has already become. I've got enough pain in my life. If you want people who think like you, fine, go find them. Let them comment. I'm done.

Posted by: Joan at October 4, 2005 03:53 PM

how many times must I repeat myself: I do not believe that my soldier did anything noble for the benefit of MY country (or any other for that matter) while he was in Iraq.

You aren't getting it.

the point is, you can't make these sorts of statements without knowing what you mean - and clearly, you aren't certain - as your position alters itself with each post:
"I don't support the troops"
"I'll hold his hand and cry with him"

I understand what you are getting at dude, believe me, I do. But you've gotta admit that the viscious acts of a percentage of folks should not condemn the whole group.

That's just like saying that because we live in America, we are all "C" students born with a silver spoon and a ranch in crawford.

Posted by: JudyG at October 5, 2005 02:01 AM

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