October 04, 2005

Moral Ascendancy

So one of the comments on my blog was in referance to my hypocrisy about being willing to not support(which is vastly differant than condemn) the troops actions, and my ability to empathize when they return.

Hmmm...fine. You want me to paint a morally impenetrable foundation...a moral ascendency of reason if you will.

I cant.

They get home, the soldiers, and get discharged, take of the uniform...yeah then I get it. Then I cannot empathize with it.

Apparently I cannot be upset at McDonalds for making people sick, but when I bump into some cat who works there who has had a rough day at work...I would think me as a human, capable of empathy.

But maybe not, maybe you need me to live in a morally aboslute world, that if I stop supporting the actions of the troops, or stop supporting the troops...then I can NEVER support anyone, or anything troop related.

I really hope someday some other people read and comment on my blog.

Posted by Radiofree at October 4, 2005 02:34 PM | TrackBack

Good to see you have stirred the pot, radiofree. It sure appears that the gentle warblings of your detractors (i.e. those who attack individual thought, rhetorical expression, and the inalienable RIGHT to be a dumbass) are merely rickety screechings of perishable, filament-thin hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. Makeshift patriots on a two-legged stool of blind passion and wishful thinking.

Posted by: Will at October 4, 2005 03:15 PM

Hey Will... Don't call me a patriot. I am embarassed for America's actions in the world these past few decades.

Posted by: JudyG at October 5, 2005 02:03 AM

the flag shop is out of stock. . .

Posted by: Will at October 5, 2005 11:12 AM
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