October 24, 2005


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I think I am wrong about my feelings on trust. I came up with an idea about this when I was with Jackie.

Its southern california and I have fruit.

The idea with trust is that it costs nothing. I trust you. It costs me nothing to be your friend. I dont view my emotional life like cash anymore. I mean I understand the the world has folks in it that should not be trusted. I was one of those people for so long it is not even cool.

I extend to you my trust. I offer myself to you. I am responsible for what is given you, and what is given you is yours to do with whatever you like.

If we need to use cash as a metaphor...so I meet someoene. Early in the relationship they ask to borrow 20 bucks. Okay. So if I happen to have 20 bucks on me, and can afford to give it to them, then I do. If I cannot afford it, I say no. If I give it to them, and they dont pay me back...okay. I was okay with the 20 being gone.

If it is emotion...and I convey some intimacy to you, and you do something with it...well i need to own that I said it. So for example I tell someone that my father shot himself...and they tell someone. Okay. I willingly told you that my Dad did that.

Like this blog. I am writing on the internet, and I have to own the things that I say to such a large extent, I never really thought I would be here before.

I gave a pen to a guy I know. He likes to write. I dont think he actually likes to "write" but I see him often just writing, jabber in the sidebar of newspapers and what not.

I trust you.

But I dont think you should tell me things I am not supposed to know or talk about.

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what does that say about agreements in general?

Someone decideds to give of themselves, an act of trust, with knowledge that certain things should and would be agreed upon within the respect that such sharing of one's self is considered a 'sacred' act.

That is something that requires rules, of which humans have many loopholes for, some of which are purely based in emotion, with no reguard for that trust whatsoever. And even in our best intentions, there can be found fault.

I suppose that is to say... If you feel something should be held on to for your own sake, you had better make sure that your emotiontional need for trust doesn't override your better judgement.

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